Led by Judge Ron Cable

The RISE (Restore Individual Self-Empowerment) Program began in October 2018 and is led by Judge Ron Cable. This program is modeled after the Franklin County Municipal Court’s CATCH (Changing Actions To Change Habits) Court and was created to help adult female victims of human trafficking, prostitution and sexual exploitation. RISE is the first program in Summit County for adults facing this issue.

Judge Cable began the program to identify and help human trafficking victims and lead them as they create a new, positive path for themselves. Ohio law provides for expungement for victims of human trafficking.

Through the Akron Municipal Court's partnerships with outside agencies, RISE provides services such as trauma therapy, drug rehabilitation, housing, vocational sessions and other community support. 

Judge Cable, along with his team, estimates that 10-20 women will be enrolled in the program during its first year. As of February 2019, seven women are currently enrolled.