The Akron Municipal Court will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 in honor of Memorial Day. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

Bond Schedule

Pursuant to Ohio Criminal Rule 46(G), the Akron Municipal Court Judges hereby set the bail schedule for misdemeanor charges, including traffic offenses, unless excluded below, as follows:

Personal recognizance is the rule.

If the police officer or prosecutor, based on the circumstances of the case, has reasonable cause to believe that a personal recognizance bond is insufficient, the judge or magistrate shall be contacted for additional authority. If the judge or magistrate determines that personal bail is insufficient, the conditions of release shall be set pursuant to Crim.R. 46.

When a judge or magistrate has previously set bail in a case, or has ordered a new amount in its last capias or warrant entry, that bail shall remain in effect unless otherwise ordered by a judge or magistrate.

For all other charges, the judge or magistrate of the court shall set bail pursuant to Crim.R. 46. This includes:

Felonies of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree and any felony offense of violence.  (e.g. Assault on a Peace Officer, Aggravated Assault, Gross Sexual Imposition, etc.)

Misdemeanor charges, regardless of whether charged under the Ohio Revised Code, local ordinance, or other statutory provision:

-Domestic violence or any other offense of violence if the victim is a family or household member (see: R.C. 2919.251);

-Violation of any protection order or condition of community control, supervision, or probation involving prohibition from contact with specified persons or places;

-The following offenses if the accused was subject to a protection order and/or has a prior conviction involving the same complainant/victim, pursuant to RC 2903.212:

Aggravated menacing (R.C. 2903.21);

Menacing by stalking (R.C. 2903.211);

Menacing (R.C. 2903.22);

Aggravated trespass (R.C. 2911.211);

Any sexually oriented offense as defined by R.C. 2950.01.

-Any other offense when the victim, police officer, or prosecutor is seeking a protection order, no contact order, or other conditions of bond.

-The following offenses in addition due to concerns about potential danger to the community and/or likely court appearance:

Resisting Arrest;

Solicitation, Loitering to Engage in Solicitation, Procuring, Prostitution, Importuning, Sexual Imposition;

Contempt on Contempt, More than One Open Contempt.

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