Akron Municipal Court Modifies Procedures to Court Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Earlier this month, the Akron Municipal Court announced that all jury trials (civil and criminal) and traffic matters scheduled for April and May are continued due to the impact of COVID-19. Akron Municipal Court Administrative/Presiding Judge Nicole Walker has implemented the following court procedures effective today: 

  • Attorneys cannot enter the courthouse unless authorized by the presiding judge.
  • All scheduled criminal and civil matters shall be conducted via video/telephone conference through May 31, 2020. This timeframe may be extended if necessary.
  • No in-person appearances shall be conducted by any judge, attorney or party, without prior approval by the Administrative Judge, through May 31, 2020. This timeframe may be extended if necessary.
  • Traffic Court will accept faxed "not guilty" pleas from attorneys and lot the case to a judge.  Traffic Court’s fax number is (330) 375-2564. This opportunity is only available during the pandemic and normal procedures will return once the pandemic is over.
  • All employees must maintain social distancing of at least six (6) feet at all times. Business is encouraged to be conducted via telephone or email, when possible, with colleagues.
  • All individuals present in the courthouse, including employees, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or protective face covering while in the building and/or interacting with others. 

Due to the pandemic and in conjunction with the City of Akron Prosecutor's Office, we have made certain Minor Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors of the fourth-degree payable online, by mail or at the cashier's window in the lobby without the need to appear in person at the courthouse.  We have discounted the fines for Traffic cases to $44.00 plus court costs and Criminal cases to $64.00 plus court costs. Waivers will be accepted with active warrants and where contempt of court charges have been added. Please call the Clerk of Court at (330) 375-2570, extension 6 or see the list of charges that are eligible

As a reminder, the number of people permitted to enter the courthouse has been restricted and temperature checks are being conducted in order to keep everyone in our community safe. Children and those in higher risk groups should not enter the building.

 Please call the court with questions using the following telephone numbers:

1) Small Claims/Eviction Cases – (330) 375-2285

2) Civil Cases – (330) 375-2920, extension 3

3) Criminal Cases – (330) 375-2570, extension 6

4) Judges’ Courtrooms – (330) 375-2120 or (330) 375-2592

All court users are encouraged to visit the Akron Municipal Court’s News section of their website at to read the previously announced changes to court procedures.