Masks, Health Assessments Mandatory for Entry Into Akron Municipal Court

Throughout the past several weeks, the Akron Municipal Court has implemented several changes to procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective today, the following additions will be added to the previously established rules:

  • All individuals entering the building shall wear a mask while present in the Akron Municipal Court and interacting with Municipal Court Judges and employees.
  • All individuals entering the building shall be subject to having a health assessment, including his/her temperature taken. No one exhibiting signs of illness, including a temperature of 100.4 degrees, will be admitted or allowed to stay.
  • The Akron Municipal Court and all individuals herein shall continue to function under current social distancing protocols as ordered by the Governor of Ohio and should the Governor order further modifications; all individuals within the courthouse shall abide by said protocols.
  • At no time in the Akron Municipal Court, shall there be more than 10 individuals in any courtroom, office, conference room, or other space that is confined, as determined by the Administrative Judge.
  • The Akron Municipal Court shall continue to have the lawful authority, within constitutional limits, to do and direct to be done all things necessary to ensure the orderly and efficient administration of justice for the duration of the declared public health emergency.

Changes to court policies and procedures that were announced in March and April can be found on the News section of our website. All rules outlined remain in effect until further notice.

Please call the Court with questions using the following telephone numbers:

1) Small Claims/Eviction Cases – (330) 375-2285

2) Civil Cases – (330) 375-2920, extension 3

3) Criminal Cases – (330) 375-2570, extension 6

4) Judges’ Courtrooms – (330) 375-2120 or (330) 375-2592