Akron Municipal Court Outlines Plan for April and May in Response to COVID-19 Threat

In an order issued Monday, March 30, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor advised the state's judges that all-time limitations and deadlines in court rules concerning filings, appeals and other matters are suspended through July 30 or the expiration of the health emergency. As the threat of COVID-19 continues to develop both statewide and nationwide, Akron Municipal Court Administrative/Presiding Judge Nicole Walker has updated several procedures effective April 1, 2020 through the end of May 2020. The following matters will be rescheduled for a date on or after June 1, 2020:

  • All Jury Trials (civil and criminal) scheduled for May and April are continued. Each Court will contact the parties to reschedule. 
  • All traffic matters including trials and walk-in hours for May and April. The Court will contact the parties to reschedule. Instructions for paying parking tickets, etc. can be found on our website:
  • All criminal proceedings (bench trials, suppression hearings, restitution hearings, etc.) will be continued. Each Court will contact the parties to reschedule.
  • All probationers who are scheduled to report during the month April and May should contact their Probation Officer before reporting in-person. The Probation Department will implement telephone meetings instead of in-person meetings for April and May with most probationers. 
  • Inmates will not be transported from the Summit County Jail to our courthouse for April and May. All matters will be conducted via video in the Arraignment courtroom on the 7th floor of the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center.
  • Those who received a felony summons should contact the Arraignment Court Bailiff or the Clerk – Criminal Division at (330) 375-2120 before reporting to court. A form for “Waiver of Personal Appearance at Arraignment Due to Emergency” can also be made available to you.
  • All specialty court dockets are continued for April and May. Please contact those courtrooms directly for more information on scheduling plans.
  • All eviction hearings are continued for April and May. The Court will contact the parties with new dates.
  • All other cases (garnishments, revivors, small claims) are continued for April and May.  The Court will contact the parties to reschedule. 
  • The Court will not schedule any new weddings to take place at the courthouse for April and May.
  • All civil cases will be conducted by telephone conference or continued. Each Court will contact the parties with instructions.
  • All new civil filings should be sent to the Clerk of Court via mail. Please call the Clerk of Court for information at (330) 375-2920. 

We will restrict the number of people permitted to enter the courthouse and conduct temperature checks in order to keep everyone in our community safe. Children and those in higher risk groups should not enter the building.

At the present time, we have limited videoconferencing capabilities available. The Court is working to expand those capabilities as soon as possible. Please call the Court with questions using the following telephone numbers:

1) Small Claims/Eviction Cases – (330) 375-2285
2) Civil/Clerk/Traffic Cases – (330) 375-2120
3) Judges’ Courtrooms – (330) 375-2120 or (330) 375-2592