Akron Municipal Court Announces Plan for November and December 2020 Hearings

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise drastically statewide, Akron Municipal Court Administrative/Presiding Judge Nicole Walker has implemented the following temporary procedures effective November 13, 2020.  These measures are necessary to ensure safety within the court and the community we serve.

The following five procedures will minimize exposure as suggested by the Akron Police Department, which provides courthouse security and is also housed in the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center:

  • All courts will postpone all cases currently on their dockets to December 7, 2020 for defendants not in custody and postpone all evictions and other civil matters until after January 1, 2021. The courts have the ability to use technology (telephone conference, Zoom, etc.) for any cases requiring immediate attention.

  • Arraignment Court will continue to operate for those defendants in custody at the Summit County Jail. The Arraignment Court Judge will address bonds for all felony and misdemeanor cases, address all outstanding contempt charges on misdemeanor cases and will preside over felony reductions which will only be done via Zoom or other remote method as coordinated by the City of Akron’s Prosecutor’s Office.

  • The Akron Municipal Court will designate one criminal defense attorney weekly to cover initial appearances for defendants in custody.

  • The Clerk of Court will reschedule all felony and misdemeanor cases to appear by summons on December 7, 2020 for existing cases and December 14, 2020 for new cases.

  • Members of the public including attorneys are prohibited from entering the building unless authorized by the Presiding Judge.

If court users have questions, they are encouraged to contact the appropriate party directly using the Departmental Directory.