Akron Municipal Court Announces New Safety Plan Related to COVID-19 Threat

The Akron Municipal Court has made several updates to policies and procedures related to COVID-19. The following matters are effective immediately:

  • Traffic Court will relocate back to the 8th floor and cases will be heard from that floor rather than the Mezzanine floor.

  • For adequate social distancing and in the event jury trials are held in the Traffic courtroom, then the Traffic Court cases will be held in an alternate courtroom/location. Traffic Cases assigned to a Judge will be directed to the 8th and 9th floor courtrooms, unless a different procedure is requested by a Judge.

  • The Court will restrict access to the courtrooms to those attorneys and individuals with court related matters only. No guests are permitted.

  • The Court continues to encourage the use of technology (telephone conferencing, Zoom, etc.).

  • Due to space constraints in the Akron Municipal Court building, masks will be required for the public entering the building until further notice of the Court.

  • Social distancing protocols of six feet or greater will remain in place for the public visiting the building.

  • The Court will continue to sanitize public spaces throughout the day.

  • Court staff will be required to wear a mask when interacting with the public. Court staff who have been vaccinated are not required to wear a mask when in their space.

If court users have questions, they are encouraged to contact the appropriate courtroom or division directly. Contact information for all courtrooms and divisions are listed in the departmental directory.