Akron Municipal Court Amends Local Rule 29

The Akron Municipal Court has amended Rule 29 to make it compliant with existing law under the Ohio Revised Code and the Akron Municipal Code. The amendments require proof that the property is registered with the Summit County Rental Registry (enacted into law in 2006), and proof the property is registered with the City of Akron Rental Registry if the property is located in the City of Akron (enacted into law in 1996), or evidence the property is exempt from the Registry(ies).

Further, Rule 29 was amended to require the plaintiff to have a possessory interest in the property. It also requires a defendant be served with the complaint at least seven (7) days prior to the date set for trial, and expands the time to issue a writ of restitution or an alias writ of restitution beyond sixty (60) days from the date the Court ordered restitution of the premises if both parties agree to it in writing and file the agreement with the Clerk.

Proposed Rule 39 regarding the sealing of certain eviction cases has not been adopted by Akron Municipal Court.